We work on the growth and development of the face.

Fix the causes of structural pathology and the airway.

Maintain nose breathing. Keep the lips sealed. Keep the tongue on the palate. These are required to ensuring the optimum growth of a child. Straightening teeth comes second.

Our focus is beyond straight teeth; it is on neurology, growth patterns, breathing and sleep patterns. improving the breathing patterns of patients can lead to a cascade of events that improve the overall health status of the patient’s quality of life.

By improving oxygenation, one can reduce subclinical defects which can affect a patient’s physiology. These include responses to allergens, androgen functioning, structure and strength.

We are a strong believer that those who have good health are those who possess good maxillary facial architecture, breath well and ultimately sleep well.

We believe that if a patient cannot breathe properly then they cannot think clearly. On the other hand, if a patient is able to breathe properly, then they are able to think clearly and comprehend more difficult tasks.

We provide treatment that not only creates a beautiful smile and beautiful faces but also a healthy beautiful child.

The earlier you seek help for your child, the better the outcomes.