Crowns &/or Bridges (Seated)

You just had your permanent crown &/or bridge seated.

It may take a few days to get used to the new crown and/or bridge, after your permanent restoration is finally cemented.

If your bite feels high or imbalanced, please be sure to call your dentist’s office for an appointment for a simple adjustment.


Although crowns and bridges are often the most durable of all restorations, the underlying tooth is still vulnerable to decay, especially at the interface between the tooth and the crown.

It is important to resume regular brushing and flossing immediately.

Daily home care, regulating your sugar intake and KEEPING your scheduled dentist recare appointment will increase the longevity of your new restorations.


Any NEW restorations placed in the mouth will be exposed to the WEAR and TEAR effects of CLENCHING and GRINDING.


Even the restorations of superior strength and meet the highest standards, it is still NOT immune to continued activity of the extreme forces of clenching and grinding.

If allowed to continue, will result to but not limited to crown ALWAYS coming off, severe wear, crown perforation or breakage that can ultimately lead to tooth nerve irritation or cause damage to the bone supporting the teeth.

This will ultimately IMPACT the longevity of ANY restorations.

UNDERSTAND that in SOME cases, placing restorations may AGGRAVATE the clenching and grinding condition. They may CHANGE the nature of or ACCELERATE the rate of DAMAGE experience. Meaning, the result can be one where the restorations placed to fix the damage caused by tooth grinding CAN actually cause more of it to occur, likely at a faster pace.

This is not only a concern for opposing natural teeth but also those supporting any type of dental restorations.

CLENCHING and GRINDING is a harmful parafunctional habit that MUST either be CONTROLLED or at least MINIMIZED typically by wearing a protective appliance such as a nightguard or an NTI.

Ask your Dentist about it.

You will be responsible for all costs incurred if you fail to follow these instructions.