Osseous Surgery

You just had a bone shaping procedure done.

Whether you were put to sleep for this procedure or were only given local anesthesia, the post-operative instructions remain the same. If a local anesthetic was used to thoroughly numb the treated area, take caution not to bite or chew on your cheeks, lips and/or tongue for they may be numb for several hours following your appointment. Refrain from chewing until the numbness has completely worn off.

Avoid extremely cold or hot foods until numbness wears off. Try to rest for the remainder of today, and avoid rigorous activity. TAKE your prescribed medications as directed by your dentist and EXPECT some discomfort especially onced the anesthetic wears off. Therefore, we advise that you start taking your pain medication, either prescription or over the counter, before all numbness has subsided. You should consistently feel better each day following treatment. Should discomfort increase after 3-4 days, please call your dentist’s office.

During the FIRST 24 hours after surgery, an ice pack placed on the facial area nearest to the surgical site will help decrease swelling and bruising. Alternate the ice pack on and off in 20 minute intervals. Minor head elevation for the first day or two following surgery will also help minimize facial swelling.

Small amounts of blood in your saliva may be present for the first few days following surgery. This will decrease as your gum heals. Should significant bleeding persist, sit quietly, fold moistened gauze or a moistened tea bag into a “U,” and with the thumb and forefinger apply firm pressure to both sides of the area for twenty minutes. This will allow a clot to form, and the bleeding will stop. Otherwise, please call your dentist’s office.

DO NOT drink through a straw, and avoid vigorous rinsing/spitting during this time as well.

Please abstain from smoking for at least 24 hours after surgery as this will delay the healing.

AFTER 24 Hours

CONTINUE to take your prescription medications.

Some facial swelling and/or bruising near the surgical area may become apparent. A warm pack can be applied at this time to aid in comfort and reduce swelling and bruising. Alternate the warm pack on and off in 20 minute intervals. Continue as needed.

Use the provided gauze moistened with mouthwash to gently clean your mouth instead of using your toothbrush today. Do not clean or disturb the surgical site.

Begin to rinse daily with mouthwash with chlorhexidine after breakfast and before bedtime starting 24 hours after your surgery. This will reduce the bacteria count in your mouth during the healing process. Continue this twice daily for eight days. Proper home care helps prevent infection and aids healing.

Eat ONLY very soft foods.

After your post operative observation appointment, you may resume your customary oral hygiene regimen.

It is your periodontist’s and dentist’s desire that your recovery be as smooth and pleasant as possible. Following these instructions will assist you, but if you have concerns and/or questions about your progress, please call your periodontist’s or dentist’s office immediately!

We encourage you to speak up if you do not like or understand some aspects of your oral care. You deserve to be heard and your dentist deserves the opportunity to listen. This is what most dentists do, and they will make considerable efforts to accomodate you.

You will be responsible for all costs incurred if you fail to follow these instructions.