What is myobrace?

Who doesn’t want the best for their child?

Some people of the older generation had to suffer through with badly formed teeth and if they could afford it, they would have the only choice of orthodontics in the form of braces which consisted of steel bands wrapped around individual teeth! Then there was the long wait for treatment to be complete and taunts of “metal mouth, tin teeth” and other unattractive names used to tease.

Boy have times changed! With new technologies available these days, people have more options and children in particular are having their misaligned teeth treated to achieve beautiful healthy smiles.

More importantly with options like Myobrace, treatment can be quick and easy to address any health issues caused by misaligned teeth and the best part is children become more confident and happy!

This pre-orthodontics system is already being used worldwide by Orthodontists and Dentists. Unlike braces and retainers that must be used 24/7, MyoBrace will only be used for 1 to 2 hours every day and overnight for effective results in correcting crooked teeth. This technique does not only focus at aligning the teeth but targets the root causes of dental misalignment and underdeveloped jaws.

Myobrace also address underlying issues assocated with Snoring, Mouth Breathing and Clenching.

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